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With Your Heart & Soul

You have spent tireless years raising your children with all your heart and soul. Then - something went wrong. Something you thought only happened to others became your reality. Alcohol, drugs, and other self-destructive behaviors entered your loved one’s life. Are you a hostage in your own home or are you tired of walking on eggshells for fear of starting another argument as your loved one’s behaviors become more unstable?

​It does not need to be this way.

​The picture on the left is me. Married 36 years with 4 children.  I am qualified for this role having lived it myself. My / our guidance is not just theoretical.


My colleagues and I will guide you and give you the information necessary to empower you to reclaim your life. Our solutions have helped hundreds of families in the last 15 years. 

Headshot David 2_edited.jpg

David Kaufman

Director of Support Groups at JACS

Jewish Addiction Community Service

CCAC Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor

Nationally Certified Internet Addiction Coach

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